Timothy James McVeigh an American Patriot
was executed by the same government for
the failure of his government.

His crime, the court said, was the
murder of federal agents.

Timothy McVeigh's life was forfeited as a direct
response to an August 1992 standoff at Ruby Ridge,
Idaho, witch claimed the life of a 14 year old boy.

This 14 year old boy who was first shot in the arm destroying it
an then shot in the back as he was running away killing him.

Then a FBI sniper looking throught his scope
shoots the boys mother in the head blowing
half her face off while she held her
10-month-old baby in her arms.

Mr. Harris is next shot in the arm and chest
for supposable threatening a helicopter.

In 1993 McVeigh's government again launches an
attack, this time on a religious group in Waco, Texas.

Two government agencies one a tax collection agency
the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF)
the other the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
these two agencies came together to attack
a religious group in Waco, Texas.

This incident began when the tax collection
agency (BATF) entered upon lands recognized
by the state of Texas, as a Church.

They entered, the Church through the windows and
doors with guns drawn and without obtaining
the consent of the Pastor of that Church.

They also intended to shoot anyone
who opposed that entry.

And, they did.

After killing seven of the Church members
and getting four of their own killed, they
withdrew to regrouped, a few hundred
yards from the Church limiting access
to only those the tax collection
agency deemed acceptable.

During the following fifty-one day siege, by the
agencies, and their compatriots in Washington,
D.C., they began a campaign of deceit in an effort
to demonize the pastor and his congregation.

On April 19, 1993, the world and McVeigh watched,
as a tragedy of epic proportions occurred on the
Church grounds in Waco, Texas.

Read the fallowing and remember this was
what sent Timothy McVeigh over the edge.

Not Terrorism.

This is the story
April 19,1993

Stephen Wynn

The guns were legal.

The local sheriff investigated and found no basis
for complaints against the Branch Davidians.

These were law-abiding American citizens.

Agents acting under the authority of the

U.S. government

murdered them.

Stephen Wynn
If you have any doubts, get the video,

"Waco Rules of Engagement"

or read the book,

"Armageddon in Waco"

or see the film,

"Waco A New Revelation".

Many people believe that the Branch Davidians
themselves or David Koresh were responsible for
the deaths of the men, women and children that
died in the inferno at Waco on April 19, 1993.

The US government, under the presidency of
Bill Clinton, with Janet Reno and Wesley Clark
in supporting roles, demonstrated its contempt for
the American people by carrying out a massacre to

"demonstrate" its "authority".

Stephen Wynn
Approximately eighty armed agents invaded the

church and home,

(Mount Carmel Center)

of the Branch Davidians

purportedly to execute a single search and arrest warrant.
Instead, six Branch Davidians and four agents were
killed, and the largest ATF assault in its history
was launched against a small religious community
in central Texas.

Stephen Wynn
The FBI and the U.S. Army took over and mounted
a 51-day siege.

This included such tactics as sleep deprivation by
means of high powered lights in the windows and
all night broadcasts of recordings of rabbits being

Can you even begin to feel what those children were
feeling as they heard that night after night?

Stephen Wynn
Then, after a fifty-one-day standoff, the US Justice
Department, (Janet Reno) approved a plan to
use CS gas against the Branch Davidians.

Tanks carrying CS gas entered the compound at
dawn on April 19, ramming holes in the main
building and pumping, (in the FBI's words)
"massive amounts" of CS gas into the building,
despite knowing that inside were more than a
dozen children with no gas masks to fit them.

The tanks demolished parts of the compound and
created tunnels for the wind to blow through.

The buildings at this point were saturated with
flammable CS gas and spilled kerosene that
had been knocked over by the tanks.

Around midday the FBI and the Army attacked and
two (2)U.S. military pyrotechnic devices were
fired into the main building, igniting a fire
which spread and became an inferno in
which 74 men, women and
twelve children younger than
five years of age were

brutally murdered.

Attorney General Janet Reno, FBI Director Louis Freeh
and their subordinates repeatedly denied any such
devices were fired on the day of the fatal fire.

Stephen Wynn
The FBI fired guns into the Branch Davidian compound
in an afford to keep survivors from escaping the fire
during the final day of the siege in Waco.

We have all seen the video of gunfire
at the back of the buildings.

Fire trucks were prevented by the FBI from
approaching the inferno.

When the compound had burned down to the ground the
ATF flag was hoisted to signify


Stephen Wynn

Subsequently the burned out ruins were razed in an
attempt to remove all evidence of this premeditated
murder of innocent civilians by agents of the
U.S. government.

A lawyer for one of the Branch Davidian survivors
said at one of the U.S. government whitewashes
or rather "investigations".

"In this country when people are accused of a crime
they are arrested and given a trial, that's 'due process'.

If found guilty of murder then maybe they are killed.

We don't just kill them first which is what happened at


After the ATF and FBI learned that a press release
stating that the use of military troops against
United States citizens violated federal law,
specifically, the Posse Comitatus act, the ATF
released a cover story, claiming that the tanks
were not Army, they were national guard, and had
been brought in under the

"Drug Interdiction Act"

because they had heard there was a

"meth amphetamine lab".

Even though the FBI had already publicly
announced there was never any question
whatsoever of a drug involvement.

The FBI has insisted it is not responsible for causing
the blaze and maintain there was no evidence that
they fired into the compound on the day of the
final assault, April 19.

It is important to remember that David Koresh and
no one connected with the Branch Davidian group had
been charged with a crime of any description prior
to the infamous ATF raid.

Stephen Wynn
This is America.

The government has no authority to

question, examine, investigate, disparage,
denounce, impugn, license, control, or even
approve anyone's religious faith regardless of how
"kooky," bizarre, or unorthodox it may seem to be.

This includes the apocalyptic, "doomsday"
beliefs of David Koresh and the Branch Davidians.

If these people were not free to believe what they
wanted, then none of us are free.

Few Americans realize that on February 28, 1993
when ATF agents attacked the Branch Davidian's

church and home,
(Mount Carmel Center),

they did so with guns blazing.


I have heard that the ATF wanted to pull off a bold
military style coup that would be widely publicized
on television and allow it to display a huge
collection of illegal weapons.

That it was thought such a coup would strengthen
the ATF, impress Congress, enhance the agency's
prestige after the mess at

Ruby Ridge,

and even increase its budget allocation.

Stephen Wynn
David Koresh and almost 100 other
men, women, and children

(Let's put some faces to this story)
Stephen Wynn

Stephen Wynn
Stephen Wynn Stephen Wynn Stephen Wynn
Stephen Wynn Stephen Wynn Stephen Wynn
Stephen Wynn Stephen Wynn Stephen Wynn
Stephen Wynn Stephen Wynn
perished in a raging inferno that should never
have happened and would never have happened if the
FBI, President Clinton, and Janet Reno had not acted
in such a needless, senseless, irrational, inhumane,
immoral, unconscionable, and reprehensible

way by assaulting the Branch Davidian home
with tanks and chemical weapons.

Now look at what our government
did to children.


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if you dare!

The government massacre of men, women,
and children in Waco is the most despicable,
most grievous event ever
to take place in America.

It is something that should never have happened.

It is something that never could have happened
IF God fearing and freedom loving Americans had
been better guardians of the freedoms our founding
fathers envisioned in our founding documents.

It is something that never would have happened if
government servants had been bound by the chains
of the Constitution.

We must understand that there was more than
human suffering and carnage in Waco.

A part of the American heart and soul also died there.

America will never be the same.

I've heard people say McVeigh should not
have killed the children McVeigh said what
about the children at Ruby Ridge and Waco
why does no one scream about them?

The U.S. Constitution gives people the right to
overthrow the government if it's not

of the people,

by the people,


for the people.

"Let us never forget 911"



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